Saturday, December 5, 2009

Collecting Pink Depression Glass

Welcome to my first blog post about my Pink Glass.
Most glass featured on this blog will be available for sale - Photos will follow over the following weeks.

How did my collection start?
I blame my mother - She was given 6 pink 'Mayfair' Water Goblets as a wedding present in 1950, and over the years would pick up any pink glass on her travels - especially if it were 'her pattern'. 'Royal Lace' became a favourite too, and as I grew up and was able to be trusted inside antique shops, developed an affinity with the pink glass too.
As a young adult, I would keep an eye out for 'Mum's Pattern' and pick up the odd piece or two whenever I could. The intention was always to forward it to Mum for her collection, but somehow one or two pieces stayed with me. I seem to have a selection of 'Old Colony' that Mum never picked up.
In August 2007, Mum passed away - and her collection of Pink Glass came to me. I thought that Mum had about 30-40 pieces which would combine nicely with my 20-30 pieces.
WRONG - we each had over 80 pieces - which means I now have over 160 pieces of Pink Glass in my collection - Mostly Mayfair and Royal Lace patterns.
Being the mother of two boys, who are not so enthused about the colour pink - or washing the glass when it's been used on the table - it is time to thin down my collection somewhat.

Please leave a comment - I am only to happy to answer any questions and share any knowlege with new collectors.


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