Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Saturday - Old Colony Teacup and Comport

Hello Again - another Pink Saturday rolls around.

This week, my Pink Glass selection is the pattern called 'Old Colony'.

Made by Hocking Glass company from 1935-38 it also is known as 'Lace Edge' or 'Open Lace'. A delicate shade of pink, but is so easily chipped by the flat edge being pushed against other glassware or walls.
The comport shown here on its edge is the first piece of Old Colony that I purchased and the first piece of pink glass that I bought for 'me' - not bought to be passed to my Mum. Chipped and all, I still like this piece and at christmas time, will fill my glassware with small sparkly christmas ornaments.
The teacup and saucer is very nice, but I'm never sure about drinking hot drinks in clear glass...I'd be worried about the glass shattering.
Of course, down the track, Hocking Glass Company joined with Anchor Glass and became Anchor Hocking who are famous for their 'Fire-King' range. (another collecting obsession of mine - but we'll deal with that another day!)
The saucer also serves as a base plate for the comport - many Hocking glassware items had dual purposes - just a clever design idea in the Depression years - make every item serviceable.
This pattern was relatively plentiful here in Australia. I wonder if the Australian Crown Crystal company purchased the molds from Hocking, as they appear to have done with another pattern Iris & Herringbone. This pattern however, is only found in sweet watermelon pink.

Have a lovely Pink Saturday!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pink Saturday - Sowerby Hermes or Mercury Vase and apprentice piece

Happy Pink Saturday !!!!
This week, I have two items to show off in the one photo.
The piece to the front I am led to believe is an apprentice piece. After the plate is taken from the mold, while still warm, or after being gently heated, the four sides are folded up and a rod of glass is applied. A clever apprentice could produce many of these in uniform size and shape. The better the skill, the better the angle and neatness. I think that this plate is an Australian Crown Crystal plate, as the pattern is fairly generic - and I see a lot of this pattern as plain plates/saucers. I don't pick up the apprentice pieces unless they are pink nowadays.
The second piece of glass, is a pink version of a green one that I fell in love with about 15 years ago. I scrimped and saved to purchase the Sowerby Uranium Green Hermes/Mercury Vase when I had no other item of green glass. About 6 years ago, I aquired the pink version which matches so much more of my glass. I see green ones all around, but not pink ones. There is a flower frog inside the vase that sits and allows the flower stems to be arranged 'just so'. (Please pardon the dust on my shelves)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pink Saturday - Mayfair Sandwich Platter

Here I am ready for Pink Saturday - this time an artsy pic of the handle for the Mayfair Sandwich Platter - yes..ok.. it's the same pattern as last week, but I seem to have so much of it to show off. this would look so lovely at a tea party full of cucumber sandwiches. Why do I have to live in a house of men who don't appreciate pink and dainty????


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