Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink Saturday - July 24 - Antique fair finds

For something different this time around, I show you some pink items found today at a local Antique Fair.
The first stand I came to had a piece of "Mum's Pattern" - Hocking Glass Company - Mayfair. You can see the small pink dessert bowl here (second bowl from the left). I was tempted to pick it up, as today would have been Mum's 80th birthday, but as I already have 12 of these bowls, decided to leave it to another collector. The little pink bowl to the very left, I believe to be Australian Crown Crystal. You can just see the difference between Australian Pink and American Pink glass. The American Pink Depression Glass is more a watermelon pink, where the Aussie Pink has a slight peachy tone. (Don't you just love the blue comport with a pink tassel? The green jar is also cute, but I have to now be very particular what I purchase. If I gave in to everything that was pretty, my house would be bulging at the seams!)
I also love the epergne found at the next table, certainly way out of my price range, but isn't it pretty? I would be having caniptions every time somebody walked past the table it was on, or if the cat would ever jump onto the cabinet it was set on. (The lady who was selling it said I could take the photo, and asked that I mention her name on my blog: Oscar Brown's in Surrey Hills Vic. If you are in the market for such an epergne, leave me a message and I'll put you in contact with her)

On one of the next stalls, I found this small selection of Clarice Cliff
I am not sure what the pattern is called, possibly Delicia Fruit? Please let me know if I'm right or wrong!
My mother in law has a big fruit bowl in this pattern - she used to throw her car keys into it (shudder) I like the little trio (shhh I may have found her Christmas present! hehe!)

I hope you enjoyed the bit of pink I found today on my travels.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pink Saturday - a large PINK fish

Bless Beverly and her PINK SATURDAY's
I was all set up and had my post ready to go and lost it somewhere in the here I go..a belated PINK SATURDAY (on Sunday!)

Generally described as an Art Deco Float bowl, this piece is described as produced anywhere from the 1930's all the way to the mid 50's. I feel too that it is a later, rather than earlier production. The frosted fish is in perfect condition, sitting in a frog - that is what the middle piece is called (why? who knows?) and the two pieces themselves rest in a low flared bowl which has a slightly raised section to safely fit the frog and fish. The idea would be to fill the bowl with water, and arrange your flowers and foliage to 'float' and of course, some flowerstalks could be arranged to fit in the holes in the frog to stand up. I would expect these to have been more frothy foliage, to give the effect that the fish was leaping from a pond.
It is common to see these in pink, but I have also seen a blue and amber version.
Of course, I prefer the pink. (Although a blue fish leaping through the foliage could be spectacular!)

This particular item IS for sale. Look around on the infoweb if you like - from time to time, one appears on ebay.
My price is AUD $185.00 plus postage. I can post anywhere in the world - email me for more details. My email details are within my profile.

Happy Pink Saturday!
mmmmmm Sharon is showing some lovely pink cake!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pink Saturday - Royal Lace

Lovely Beverly at How Sweet the Sound - sponsors a Pink Saturday. I thought this would be a lovely incentive to share with you all, an item of pink glass per week. I managed a couple of weeks in a row, but then managed to miss a few weeks.
I've played around with this blog in order to accommodate Pink Saturday on it's own Page.....
I'll try to organise a separate page for sale items over the next few weeks.
This week's offering is:

Royal Lace - cup and Saucer.
Hazel Atlas Glass Company - 1934-41
I do appear to have several cups and saucers in pink glass...certainly will have to have a ladies afternoon soon to set up all my pink glass.

Next week - something bigger!
Thank you to my followers for staying with me through my renovations!!


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