Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pink Saturday - a large PINK fish

Bless Beverly and her PINK SATURDAY's
I was all set up and had my post ready to go and lost it somewhere in the here I go..a belated PINK SATURDAY (on Sunday!)

Generally described as an Art Deco Float bowl, this piece is described as produced anywhere from the 1930's all the way to the mid 50's. I feel too that it is a later, rather than earlier production. The frosted fish is in perfect condition, sitting in a frog - that is what the middle piece is called (why? who knows?) and the two pieces themselves rest in a low flared bowl which has a slightly raised section to safely fit the frog and fish. The idea would be to fill the bowl with water, and arrange your flowers and foliage to 'float' and of course, some flowerstalks could be arranged to fit in the holes in the frog to stand up. I would expect these to have been more frothy foliage, to give the effect that the fish was leaping from a pond.
It is common to see these in pink, but I have also seen a blue and amber version.
Of course, I prefer the pink. (Although a blue fish leaping through the foliage could be spectacular!)

This particular item IS for sale. Look around on the infoweb if you like - from time to time, one appears on ebay.
My price is AUD $185.00 plus postage. I can post anywhere in the world - email me for more details. My email details are within my profile.

Happy Pink Saturday!
mmmmmm Sharon is showing some lovely pink cake!


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