Saturday, April 7, 2012

This little piggy went to market . . . . . .

First things first .... 

Why is it everytime I need to reverse park, and I do it successfully, there is never a witness??  Today I found the neatest place to park my little Curore - and did get a high-5 from a total stranger.  I took a photo - and to my chagrin, I didn't even manage to capture the front section of the little alcove that I found, but trust me, it is only about 2foot in front of the car.

Now to the market - It was chilly, very, very chilly.  Although outside, I was lucky to have a building behind me, which sheltered me from any breeze.  I waited and waited for the sunshine - it came out from time to time, but blessed be, there was NO rain while I was there.   

This is my stand, just before open time.   Yes - a bit of pink glass here and there.... pretty much all of the creamer & sugar sets went and all the teacups.  I came home with one box left than I arrived and am happy with the result.  I met lots and lots of people - and hopefully some of them are YOU, reading this blog today.

One lovely lady was asking about a completely different type of glass and I promised to show photos here tonight....

This is pretty much the only art glass I have.  These are lamp bases - the hole for the electricals have been created while the glass was molten.  They stand 17 inches tall.  The yellow one still has the original sandbag in the base and remains of the cork stopper and metal capping.  The blue one has been re-wired so that a light can be placed inside, showing the pattern on the glass.
This is cased glass and the pattern formed by complete bubbles in the coloured section - in such an ordered pattern - showing mastery by the glass manufacturer.  I don't believe these are by Murano, but certainly a top quality piece of glassware.
There is no signature on the base.  They are both for sale, but I would be hesitant to put these into the post  - so local enquiries only please.

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coral said...

You have a very beautiful collection Bronny and very brave to sell some. I couldn't part with my china ...hope you got what they are worth.



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