Saturday, April 14, 2012

A gentler time, an elegant way of life.....

Time to show off another piece of my collection.  These were part of my mother's collection - I have two decanters and four tea glasses.  These are so very nice and I'd love to live in a time, where they would be used more often.  (menfolk do not understand the sweetness of pink glass!)
The closeup here shows the detail and crispness of the pattern.  I believe my mum had these tea glasses in her collection from the late 50's.  I seem to remember picking up one of the decanters on one of my 'picking' expeditions and presenting it to her, only to discover she already had one... oh well, it balances the table to place two out for service. 
I'll have to unbury the next item I want to show off, that cabinet is so well packed...  Never mind - time to dust anyway....

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